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Investor Smarts

Nov 28, 2022

Today, Candice welcomes FranBridge Consulting's Jon Ostenson to talk all things franchising!
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Show Notes:
0:25 - Who we are talking with today!
0:57 - Jon talks through how he got to where he is now!
3:45 - Jon explains how his company supports franchisees
4:55 - How and when do people approach Jon re: franchising opportunities?
7:30 - What are some of the challenges for franchisees right now?
10:36 - Financing challenges 
13:29 - Are there some franchises that Jon right away knows he won't go that route?
15:43 - Additional challenges franchisees might not see in all their excitement to jump in
18:19 - What are some of the opportunities Jon sees right now (please note: these are always changing)
25:20 - Considering scaling YOUR business through franchising? Tips, drawbacks, etc.
27:15 - Diversifying our businesses, franchise-wise
29:06 - Where does Jon see his business going in the next couple of years? And where can we connect with him?
30:24 - Wrap up