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Investor Smarts

Oct 13, 2021

Today, Candice talks with Stephanie Polcyn of Sweet Disaster about how she has built a business – in just a year! – based on health for everyone!
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Show Notes:

0:46 – Introduction to our guest!

3:47 – Refocusing our attention on being healthy and being at OUR best…not somebody else’s

5:55 – Retraining for healthier eating

9:54 – How Stephanie tailors her programming to each client

14:14 – What was it like to set up an app, and how did Stephanie decide to add it to her business?

18:06 – What made Stephanie focus on active wear so quickly in her business?

21:00 – Where does Stephanie see her business in 2-5 years?

25:49 – Health and fitness is for everyone – and is accessible to all!

31:56 – Wrap up